Who Are Veneers For?

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Who Exactly Are Veneers For?

Have you always wanted perfect looking teeth? Veneers are one of the best ways to really be able to get cosmetic improvements to your smile without having to go through extensive dental work. Below, we will be going over some of the different reasons you might be considering getting veneers.

Who Are Veneers Meant For?



If you are someone that simply doesn’t like the look of your teeth, veneers could be a good option to consider. Because it involves having a thin layer of porcelain permanently bonded to your tooth, it can mask virtually any flaw that you might have.


If you are dealing with discoloring for whatever reason, getting veneers is a suitable option because it will hide your permanently discolored teeth. Your teeth might be discolored because of antibiotic medication that you took as a kid or even because of having a root canal procedure done.

Crooked Teeth.

It can be as simple as having crooked teeth. If your teeth are crooked and you aren’t necessarily thrilled with the idea of having to go through the year (or longer) treatment of braces, it might be an option.

Dealing With Gaps.

If you are looking to fill in the gaps in your teeth, you can always get veneers because the veneers can be adhered to your teeth permanently to correct the gaps.

Chipped Teeth.

If you suffer from chipped teeth, you can always get veneers to correct the issue. Along with effectively masking chipped teeth, veneers can do a great job for those that might have worn down teeth from grinding their teeth at night.

Who Shouldn’t Get Veneers?


Those Not Looking For A Permanent Procedure.

While the procedure is purely cosmetic, it is something that is relatively serious considering the semi-permanent nature of it. Therefore, you will want to think about whether or not you want veneers because it is a long-lasting procedure with long term results.

You Have Tooth Decay

If you suffer from tooth decay, you will not be able to get veneers placed until the tooth is healthy. Any underlying issues that your teeth or specific tooth suffer from will only worsen over the long run. Because of this, your dentist will advise that you do not get veneers and that you correct any issues with compromised teeth prior to getting the procedure completed.

You Have Gum Disease

It is not advisable to get veneers if you suffer from gum disease for a couple of reasons. For one, your gums are generally going to receive if your gum disease worsens which can expose the veneer. Along with this, inflammation that you have in your gums is not going to allow for proper impressions to be made which can result in improper fitting veneers.

You Grind Your Teeth

If you are someone that suffers from Bruxism, you will want to avoid getting veneers. Unfortunately, the stress that you place on the veneers will eventually wear it down much quicker than it should. Therefore, you might end up getting chips or fractures in your veneers due to the repeated stress of grinding your teeth.

Overall, veneers are a great option for those that have healthy teeth and gums but who want to make cosmetic improvements to them. Whether its to correct a chipped tooth, worn down teeth, or something else. This procedure can be a suitable option for those that want aesthetic improvements to their smile. The procedure can also be done partially if you only have a few teeth that you want to place veneers on.